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Latest Updates From Dynamik Muscle

MEXICO Announcement "SLMF"

Dynamik Muscle & SLMF have joined together to bring my brand "our brand" straight to Mexico in a very big way! We will be joined with a number of passionate people expanding and growing the bodybuilding & fitness community within Mexico!

Dynamik Arm Workout

Watch as Kai takes you through a full arm workout. Starting off with forearms and then working into triceps and biceps. Notice a good mixture of lighter cable movements along with heavy compound dumbbell and barbell work; along with super-setting towards the end of the workout. Try this one out. Massive pumps.

This is "YOUR DREAM"

  Ain't "NOBODY".... Gonna care about "YOUR DREAMS" A quick reminder that this journey you are on is about your goals and desires. Nobody else is going to do the work for you. Everyone wants to knock you off from the top spot. You control your destiny; nobody else.

Get it Together

From Monterrey, Mexico, Kai and a local athlete with big aspirations in bodybuilding train together. But when the workout starts to get the better of the up and comer, Kai must have a man to man conversation on what real hard work is all about. Developing a champion mindset doesn’t allow for pain and weakness to enter during times of struggle.

Bodybuilders Can Sing Too

Is that James Brown or Dru Hill? Nope, it’s just your boy Kai L. Greene getting it done once again – this time on the vocals. Athletes want to be singers and singers want to be athletes. At first we thought Kai might be on Dancing with the Stars, but who knows, maybe The Voice is in his future?

Thinking is an Action

  Just 2 weeks away from the Arnold. A lot is going on my mind, but the goal remains the same. SHOW MORE Visualization isn’t just thinking about success or the spoils of hard work and accomplishment. It’s having a goal etched and burned into your mind so that you can see exactly the outcome of your efforts before the final product is display...